ProSan Flushing toilette

Exterior height 9 feet / 108 in
Exterior width 5 feet /60 in
Exterior length 6 feet /108 in
Clean water tank 62 gal / 280 litres
Black water tank 82 gal / 375 liters
Water heater 2 gals / 9 liters
Weight 2400 lbs

Our newest flushing toilet unit innovates by offering all the elements for a unique comfort in complete privacy. The perfect balance between the size of a regular toilet and the comfort of a sanitary trailer. The Prosan provides a flushable basin, a sink equipped with hot water and electric heating for winter, all while being affordable.

Characteristics of the ProSan Flushing toilet

  • Possibility of placing the units in different locations on the same site and adjusting the number of units depending on usage (traffic).
  • Sturdy (robust), large, hygienic and easy to keep clean.
  • No water or sewer connection necessary, only electricity.
  • Forklift friendly and equipped with lifting hooks

A self sufficient sanitary unit that features:

  • Toilet with running water
  • Washbasin with hot water
  • Urinal, mirror and ventilation
  • Soap dispenser and hand dryer
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Heating and insulation for winter

pdfSee Technical specs for our Prosan

See the official rule in La Gazette officielle du Québec

Our new flushing model is a response to the need for improved sanitary conditions covered by law :

pdfLegislation on the need for improved sanitation