Pro800 - Sanivac


The Prosan toilet offers you all the elements for unique comfort and complete privacy. The perfect balance between the size of a chemical toilet and the comfort of a sanitary unit. Sturdy, spacious, hygienic and easy to maintain, the Prosan toilet complies with the Safety Code for construction work with 25 or more employees. It offers you the possibility of placing the units in various locations on the same site and adjusting the number of units according to the traffic.

  • Sewage disposal, water filling and janitorial services: included every week with the rental.
  • Electricity: the client must provide the necessary electricity. See table.
  • Water or sewer connection: No connection is required. The sanitary unit is self-sufficient in waste water and fresh water.
  • Recommended ratio: 1 unit per 10 workers on an 8-hour shift per day to maintain an acceptable sanitary level.
  • Flushing porcelain toilet
  • Urinal
  • Sink
  • Hot water
  • Toilet paper dispenser
  • Hand soap dispenser
  • Hand paper dispenser
  • Coat hook
  • Insulation and heating
  • Ventilation
  • Mirror
  • Exterior light
  • Interior light
  • Forklift socket
  • Key lock
  • Floor grid
  • Lifting hook for crane handling
Exterior height260 cm / 8.5 ft
Exterior width153 cm / 5 ft
Depth 6 ft + step 1 ft
Clean water tank280 L / 62 gal
Waste water tank375 L / 82 gal
Water heaterHeated water tank
Weight2960 lbs (empty) / 4390 lbs (full)
Electricity required in summer1 x 15AMP 120V outlet
Electricity required in winterCustomer must provide 1 twist lock 30AMP 240V female 4 pin outlet.
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