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Septic tank

Septic Tank Cleaning - Sanivac
Septic Tank Cleaning - Sanivac


The septic tank is one of the elements that constitutes a non-collective sanitation installation for residences that cannot be connected to a sewer system. The septic tank makes it possible to decant the solid matter and liquefy it through fermentation. The first compartment allows decantation and accumulates deposits and scum, only the liquid moves into the second compartment where it continues its decantation before going to the purification field.


Sanivac takes care of cleaning and emptying your septic tank, respecting environmental standards.

  • Largest inventory of septic tank cleaning trucks in Quebec
  • Pioneers of selective ecological emptying with intelligent filter trucks
  • Clean, custom made truck and high-performance equipment
  • Works professional in less than 30 minutes and you don’t need to be present
  • Fast and efficient service provided by qualified and experienced professionals


We are committed to providing you with the best service, whether through our qualified workers, the cleanliness of our trucks and our high-performance equipment. We wish to present you with professional work during your services of your septic tank. This is possible thanks to our team, which is made up mainly of experienced people. We train new workers by mentoring to ensure expertise in our field.


Reminder every 2 years

Disposal of sludge in
a site approved by the
Ministry of the Environment

Strict environmental policy

Professional service
including visual inspection
and report

Detailed report with
our recommendations
during each visit

24/7 emergency
service offered to
our customers

Septic Tank Cleaning - Sanivac


You must empty your septic tank at least every 2 years, it is not a luxury, but a provincial law. This law on the evacuation and treatment of wastewater from isolated residences Q-2, r.22, requires you to empty your septic tank every two years. You thereby avoid breakage and the risk of overflow.

Here are some tips for properly maintaining your septic tank: keep the amount of grease and cooking oil discharged into your sinks to a minimum, avoid spilling chemicals, which destroy bacterial flora, and do not throw away condom, pads, tampon, Q-tip, wet wipes or or any other han toilet paper. Do not hesitate to contact our experts if you have any questions!

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