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Stone Slinger™ spreading
& Bulk transport service

Stone Slinger Speading Service - Sanivac

Sanivac, in partnership with Transport Yellowstone offers Stone Slinger service

Transport Yellowstone is a company specialized in spreading with operator using Stone Slinger trucks and bulk transport for various types of construction, residential, or landscaping projects. Spreading stones with conveyor trucks is often used to create driveways, parking lots, terraces, garden paths, retaining walls, building foundations, and many other similar projects.

Transport Yellowstone’s Stone Slinger trucks are the perfect complement to Sanivac’s hydrovac trucks for your hydro-excavation projects. With specialized equipment, we can offer you a wide range of services for all your needs, whether it’s residential projects or construction sites.

Stone Slinger Speading Service - Sanivac


Are you in need of spreading stone or other materials on your construction site? Transport Yellowstone can meet your needs by either providing the stone to be spread or by being loaded directly onto your site with your own material.

Spreading is no longer just useful for backfilling foundation footings, it is the hidden gem of your construction site. In addition to reducing the time it takes to spread stone, the conveyor allows for precise placement of the material exactly where it is needed on your site and can access tight areas.

Once you try it, you won’t want to go back!


Allows access
to tight areas

Avoids damaging
your terrain with
heavy machinery

Reduces the time it
takes to spread stone

Allows for precise
material spreading

Ideal for
construction sites

The Stone Slinger™
offers great versatility
for various projects

Stone Slinger Speading Service - Sanivac


The Stone Slinger spreading truck is a specialized equipment truck used to quickly and efficiently distribute bulk materials such as stone, gravel, sand, soil, and other similar materials in a work area. The Stone Slinger truck is equipped with a conveyor system that allows bulk materials to be loaded at the rear of the truck and projected precisely where desired. The conveyor is electronically controlled by an operator to adjust the location, distribution speed, and quantity of deposited materials. It can project (launch) your materials up to 90 feet from the truck, allowing access to areas where a regular dump truck could not reach, with great precision.


Stone Slinger Speading Service - Sanivac
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