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One big family since 1961

Rely on experience

Sanivac is a family business that first started in 1961 when John Kelly was looking for a company to empty his septic tank. The business was subsequently taken over by the four sons and then by the three grandchildren. Over the years, Sanivac gained recognition for its outstanding service. The quality of the training by companionship of their employees is renowned as well as the effectiveness of their trucks which are custom built in their installation. All the equipment and processes are optimized to deliver quality service in a timely manner.

Over 250 employees

United by a common passion

The secret of our success?

We care about the success of each and every one of our employees, which is why we are always present and available to them. We also know that the feeling is mutual. We are more than just a team of over 250 people. All the staff know each other and are, in a sense, an extension of the Kelly clan.

That’s how we’ve created an optimal work environment where each person gives his or her best to deliver exceptional service.

About - Sanivac
About - Sanivac

Vincent Kelly

President - General Manager

ext. 242

About - Sanivac

David Kelly

Technical Manager

ext. 254

About - Sanivac

Carole-Ann Kelly

Director, Communications & IT

ext. 258

An employer
of choice!

Know-how and people!

At Sanivac, there are no half measures

Our Mission

As a leader in environmental services, our mission is to provide the highest quality products and services, to enrich the customer experience and to make a positive impact on the lives of our employees.

Our vision

To be the most trustworthy company in our field and to maximize the well-being of our employees by consistently focusing on the human dimension in our decisions. This will ensure that we are always one step ahead!

Our values

We believe in being a large, close-knit family where respect, creativity and fun at work are essential.

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Nous éprouvons présentement des difficultés avec notre système téléphonique. Notre équipe travaille activement à résoudre le problème. Vous pouvez nous rejoindre par courriel à sanivac@sanivac.ca