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Frac tank 21 000 gallons

Sanivac offers you the rental of watertight, mobile, and large-volume tanks for the management of liquid materials, sludge, pump water, or non-abrasive contaminated water. Our Sanitank tanks, also called “Frac tanks” in the industry, have a capacity of up to 80,000 liters (21,000 gal.). They will surely meet all your needs for managing liquid materials and wastewater. In addition, our steel tanks are the perfect replacement for storage tanks, offering space and gallonage savings. We also have models that can be used for settling and filtration thanks to their separators and partitions. We offer a turnkey service and all movements are carried out by members of our team.

Sanivac offers you a turnkey service as our team takes care of mobilizing and demobilizing the fracturing tanks during movements. We offer emptying and disposal services for materials according to your needs and we dispose of the materials in a site approved by the Ministry of the Environment. We can also provide you with numerous vacuum trucks and experienced CCQ teams available for your various works.

  • Wastewater emptying service, water filling, and concierge: Delivery, mobilization, pumping, and cleaning of the tank are available on request.
  • Electricity: No need for electricity.
  • Water or sewer connection: The tank is autonomous.
  • Capacity up to 80,000 liters (21,000 gal.)
  • Valves and V-floor for full flow
  • Several possibilities of connections with butterfly valves and waterproof caps
  • Marine type access hatches located on the front, side and roof
  • Safe access staircase with guardrail
  • Interior epoxy coated to resist acidic and alkaline materials



Activity Area

Construction, Residential
Description Value
Thickness of the walls 1/4 po
Length 540,25 po
Width 102 po
Height 116,50 po
Weight 22 500 lbs
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