Sanivac : Une expansion continue depuis 1961

Foundation, evolution, and expansion of Sanivac

As we approach the end of the year 2023, we take a moment to reflect on the remarkable journey and expansion of Sanivac since its inception in 1961 in Notre-Dame-De-l’Île-Perrot. This time of year is a great opportunity for a retrospective on our history, marked by significant growth over the past two years.

Our tangible presence in the field, symbolized by the iconic blue portable toilets, represents just one facet of our identity. Over the decades, we have expanded our offerings to include a comprehensive range of services. From septic tank pumping and grease trap cleaning to sewer and urban infrastructure maintenance, steam thawing, hydro-excavation, pumping, and various types of cleaning, portable toilet rentals, and more, our expertise covers all aspects of sanitary services.

John Kelly, Founder of Sanivac, 1961
John Kelly, Founder of Sanivac, 1961

Geographical growth

Since 1961, our offices and facilities have significantly evolved to accompany our growth, especially since 2017. Sanivac currently has 8 branches spread across Quebec and Ontario.

First acquisitions

In 2021, Sanivac was exclusively established in Notre-Dame-De-l’Île-Perrot. Since that time, we initiated a series of acquisitions, starting with the addition of a garage and land in Cowansville in September 2021, with the aim of creating a new business location in Estrie from scratch.

Recent developments

The following stages of our expansion began with the acquisition of Outaouais Sanitaire, which became the Sanivac Outaouais branch in Gatineau in April 2022.

In May 2022, we acquired Toilette Québec and its garage in St-Jérôme. Following this acquisition, this service point became the Sanivac Laurentides branch.

In June 2022, operations officially started at our new business location in Cowansville. In the same month, we proceeded with the acquisition of Toilette Armall and Cabinet Stukely in Sherbrooke, expanding our presence in the Estrie region.

Following numerous acquisitions in Sherbrooke and growing needs, Sanivac’s expansion momentum continued with the addition of a new garage in September 2022. This latter became the official Sanivac Sherbrooke branch, consolidating all acquisitions in the region under one roof.

Additionally, on November 1st, 2022, we acquired Toilette Estrie, integrating it into our garage in Sherbrooke, thus strengthening our presence in the region.

Sanivac: Une expansion continue depuis 1961

New acquisitions of 2023

Sanivac’s expansion continues in 2023. In February 2023, Sanivac extended its presence with the acquisition of Ottawa Toilet Rental in Ottawa, becoming our first branch in Ontario.

In May 2023, Sanivac secured the prestigious municipal contract for cleaning the city of Quebec’s catch basins for a duration of 3 years. Consequently, we decided to establish a new business location and permanent full-time teams on vacant land while awaiting the ideal location for our new branch.

In June 2023, Sanivac’s parent company, Groupe Sanivac, acquired Excavac, specializing in hydro-excavation, with two branches in Saint-Hyacinthe and Quebec. This union brings together the two major players in Quebec’s hydro-excavation industry, namely Sanivac and Excavac. Together, we provide the construction industry with the best in terms of inventory, service, and quality. Excavac will continue its operations as a sister company of Sanivac, delivering hydro-excavation services. Both companies are now integral parts of Groupe Sanivac, consolidating our position with the largest fleet of hydrovac trucks in Quebec.

In July 2023, the acquisition of assets from Cabinet Joseph led to an expansion of the Cowansville branch.

To meet the growing needs of the Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot branch, we also rented a new garage in Les Cèdres in October 2023 to accommodate our growing fleet during the winter season, supporting the branch’s operations.

In November 2023, we leased new premises and garages in Lévis to house our Quebec team and facilitate operations. This new business location became the official Sanivac Quebec branch.

To conclude the grand year of 2023, on December 15, 2023, Sanivac completed the acquisition of the grease trap pumping and portable toilet divisions of Groupe Solutech. The newly acquired divisions will be added to our operations and will now be served by the Sanivac branch in Quebec.

Overview of the history of our evolution

1961: Sanivac was founded in Notre-Dame-De-l’Île-Perrot.

2021: Start of acquisitions with the addition of a garage in Cowansville in September.


  • April: Acquisition of Outaouais Sanitaire in Gatineau.
  • May: Acquisition of Toilette Québec in St-Jérôme.
  • June: Commencement of operations in Cowansville and acquisitions in the Sherbrooke region (Toilette Armall and Cabinet Stukely).
  • September: Acquisition of a new garage in Sherbrooke and formalization of a Sanivac branch in Sherbrooke.
  • November: Acquisition of Toilette Estrie.


  • February: Acquisition of Ottawa Toilet Rental in Ottawa (first branch in Ontario).
  • May: Opening of a new business location in Quebec, established on a vacant lot, following the prestigious municipal contract for cleaning the city of Quebec’s catch basins.
  • June: Acquisition of Excavac in the Sanivac Group with two branches in Saint-Hyacinthe and Quebec.
  • July: Acquisition of assets from Cabinet Joseph.
  • October: Rental of a new garage in Les Cèdres.
  • November: Lease of new premises and garages in Lévis to become the official Sanivac Quebec branch.
  • December: Acquisition of the grease trap pumping and portable toilet & sanitation block divisions of the Solutech Group.

Challenges of Sanivac’s expansion

This period of growth has not been without challenges. The acquisitions introduced an intense phase marked by new experiences and unprecedented challenges that the company had never faced before, being its first acquisitions. In addition to overseeing all details surrounding these acquisitions, with the exception of Toilette Estrie, the owners wanted to leave immediately following the transaction to retire or pursue new endeavors.

The complexity of managing these new business locations while maintaining the growth of operations in other branches proved to be a challenge, requiring a ubiquitous presence and the ability to respond to growing demand in all regions simultaneously. This is where our unparalleled expertise, hard work, exceptional teamwork, and perseverance played a crucial role. These qualities were the pillars of our success, enabling us to navigate successfully through this complex period and consolidate our position as a major player in our industry.

Preserving the trust of the existing clientele of the acquired businesses and seamlessly integrating employees into the larger Sanivac family posed certain challenges. However, our commitment to our clients and employees has always been our top priority. By placing our clients at the forefront of our concerns and fostering an inclusive team culture, we managed to establish a smooth and positive transition.

The recent acquisitions of our company have not only strengthened our position in the market but have also illustrated our commitment to sustainable growth. A particularly noteworthy reality deserves emphasis: despite these major developments, no member of our team has been lost. This stability eloquently attests to the robustness of our corporate culture and the human approach we prioritize at Sanivac. Encouragingly, our various sites have experienced significant growth following these acquisitions, highlighting the fact that Sanivac genuinely adds value to both its employees and overall operations.

Teamwork and adaptability

Managing these acquisitions requires a collective effort from all departments. Everyone has contributed to facilitating the transition. Faced with the opportunities that arose, our remarkable adaptability has been our asset. The team has been able to adjust and demonstrate resilience, thus showcasing our unwavering commitment to the continuous success of Sanivac. Our ability to seize these opportunities with agility and overcome challenges underscores the strength and cohesion that characterize our company.

As a Quebecois family-owned business, our proactive approach during these opportunities was motivated by the desire to promote the retention of these businesses within our province rather than seeing them acquired abroad. This preference has been a key element of our strategy, reinforcing our commitment to our community and contributing to the local economic vitality.

The three co-owners of Sanivac: Carole-Ann, David and Vincent Kelly.
The three co-owners of Sanivac: Carole-Ann, David and Vincent Kelly.


The rapid expansion of Sanivac is the result of hard work and passion. Each of these developments reflects our commitment to expanding our presence and strengthening our position in the market. Sanivac’s growth is the culmination of partnerships and a future-oriented vision, driven by a dedicated team. We look forward to seizing the upcoming opportunities because at Sanivac, it’s just the beginning!

To learn more about our evolution and acquisitions, feel free to visit our “Evolution” section on our website, available here.

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