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5 good practices for your septic tank

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Whether you’ve been a homeowner for years or have just moved into a house with a septic tank, understanding the importance of regular maintenance is crucial. A properly functioning septic tank is not only essential for protecting the environment and public health, but it also helps save money in the long run.

As experts in septic tank pumping since 1961, at Sanivac, it’s important for us to educate and guide our clients on the best practices for their septic installations. With this in mind, we’ve developed a detailed guide outlining five fundamental practices to follow. These recommendations are specifically designed to maximize your chances of preventing any potential issues. They underscore the crucial importance of prevention in avoiding emergency situations. Therefore, integrating these preventive measures into your routines becomes essential to ensure optimal operation of your septic tank.

Here are 5 good practices to adopt if you have a septic tank:

1- Choose environmentally friendly cleaning products:

The first important step in preserving the biological balance of your septic tank is to select environmentally friendly cleaning products. Avoid harsh cleaners and those rich in phosphates; opt instead for gentler alternatives. These preserve the beneficial bacteria necessary for effective waste decomposition. Carefully check the product labels to ensure their compatibility with septic tanks.

2- Handle fats with care:

Take a proactive approach to fat management by avoiding pouring them down the drain. Place kitchen oils in a suitable container and wipe greasy utensils with a paper towel before washing them. This simple method effectively prevents fat buildup in pipes, ensuring unimpeded waste flow to the septic tank. Additionally, consider installing a grease trap upstream of the tank to further prevent fat from reaching the system.

3- Adopt composting for food waste:

Promote an eco-friendly approach by opting for composting food scraps. This practice reduces the organic load entering the septic tank while generating nutrient-rich compost for your garden. Simplify the process by investing in a domestic composter.

4- Schedule regular pump-outs:

Scheduling regular septic tank pump-outs is essential to prevent blockages, maintain treatment efficiency, avoid odors and nuisances, protect system durability, and comply with regulations. In Quebec, regular pump-out planning is not only mandatory but also essential practice. This helps maintain your septic tank’s treatment capacity. Seek qualified professionals like Sanivac to perform your tank pump-out and pumping according to your usage. Pumping your septic tank not only empties it but also helps prevent risks of overflow, pipe blockages, and long-term system deterioration.

5- Respect the leach field:

Preserving the efficiency of the leach field is crucial. Avoid parking heavy vehicles, planting trees nearby, or building structures above it. Consult a professional to assess the optimal design of your leach field and ensure optimal water quality exiting your septic tank. Potential impacts of these activities on the leach field include reduced treatment efficiency, physical damage to septic system components, pipe blockages, and drainage disruption. This can lead to problems such as overflow, unpleasant odors, environmental contamination, and high repair costs.

In conclusion, prevention plays a crucial role in preserving your septic tank. By following these five good practices, you can significantly reduce risks, including blockages, overflow, and other costly complications.

Entrust your septic tank pump-out to Sanivac:

Regularly pumping out your tank is a good practice for its maintenance. Sanivac has been a specialist in septic tank pumping since 1961 in Quebec and Ontario. Our septic tank pumping services cover the Montreal, Laval, Laurentians, Outaouais, Ottawa, Montérégie, Estrie, Lanaudière regions, and much more.

At Sanivac, providing a human and family-oriented service is an undisputed priority and the foundation of our success. Don’t hesitate to book your next tank pump-out with us now. Trust Sanivac! Your satisfaction is our absolute priority.

Contact us today to book your septic tank pump-out at 1-888-767-1961 or here: https://sanivac.ca/en/septic-tank/


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