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Transport and management of food residues by Sanivac: A solution for the food-processing industry

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In the food-processing industry, efficient management of food residues is a major concern for companies mindful of their ecological footprint and compliance with environmental regulations. It is within this framework that Sanivac positions itself as a trusted partner, offering a comprehensive range of services for the transportation and management of liquid, semi-liquid, and solid materials.

Biomethanation: turning waste into resources:

At the heart of our environmental approach lies the process of biomethanation. But what is biomethanation? It is a biological treatment method for organic waste that breaks them down into gas (methane) and solid residues (digestate). This process, carried out in specialized facilities, allows for the valorization of waste by producing biogas, a renewable energy source, while reducing their volume and environmental impact.

Services tailored to the needs of the food-processing industries:

Our transportation and management services for food residues are primarily aimed at food-processing factories, distilleries, and large food producers facing the challenge of managing waste from their production processes. Whether it’s liquids, semi-solid, or solid materials, Sanivac ensures the collection, transportation, and disposal of waste in transshipment sites compliant with the strictest environmental standards.

Benefits of choosing Sanivac:

One of the major advantages of turning to Sanivac lies in our ability to offer tailored solutions, adapted to the specific needs of each client. Our trucks are designed to handle a variety of situations, whether it’s pumping liquids or solid residues, with a capacity of up to 8300 gallons thanks to our specialized tanker trucks.

We also understand the importance of flexibility for our clients. That’s why we offer an automated routine service that allows for scheduling transports according to a pre-established frequency, whether it’s monthly, weekly, or even daily. Furthermore, our 24/7 emergency service ensures a quick and effective response when needed.

Commitment to quality and excellence:

At Sanivac, quality is a priority. We are committed to providing professional and reliable service, thanks to our qualified workers, the cleanliness of our trucks, and the performance of our equipment. By choosing Sanivac, you opt for an experienced team and personalized solutions designed to deliver the best performance on the market.

In conclusion, Sanivac represents much more than just a provider of transportation and management services for food residues. We are a committed partner in promoting sustainable and responsible practices, thereby contributing to the development of an agri-food industry that is more environmentally and socially responsible as a whole. Trust Sanivac to meet your waste management and liquid transportation needs with efficiency, reliability, and a commitment to excellence.


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