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Looking for solutions for your sanitation needs in Ottawa? Sanivac is here to offer you comprehensive and reliable service, meeting all your requirements. Whether you need to rent portable toilets for a special event, empty your septic tank, or clean your sewers and catch basins, we are here to help. Our experienced and professional team is equipped to meet all your needs.

In addition to our portable toilet rental and septic tank pumping services, we also offer high-quality grease trap cleaning and hydro excavation work. Our company is committed to providing efficient and environmentally friendly services, while ensuring customer satisfaction. Trust Sanivac for all your sanitation needs in the Ottawa region!

location de toilettes portatives- sanivac

Portable toilet

vidange de fosses septiques - sanivac

Septic tank

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Grease trap

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Sanivac Ottawa

We specialize in toilet rental services, septic tank pumping, grease trap pumping, hydro excavation, sewer cleaning, as well as agri-food transport, and much more, in the greater Ottawa region. Whether you’re in Nepean, Kanata, Orleans, Stittsville, Riverside, Westboro, or in other cities in the greater Ottawa area, we offer sanitation solutions to meet all your needs.






Portable toilet rental Ottawa

Sanivac, the leader in portable toilet and sanitary trailer rentals in Ottawa

Need to rent a portable toilet in Ottawa? With Sanivac, you can rent portable toilets, sanitary blocks, and luxury restroom trailers across Ottawa, and this, from Nepean through Kanata, Orléans, Stittsville, Riverside, Westboro, and the surrounding areas.

Whether it’s for construction sites, corporate events, weddings, or any other special occasion, Sanivac is your go-to for renting mobile toilets and luxury washroom trailers in Ottawa.

Our portable toilets and construction site bathroom trailers or event trailers are impeccable and modern, ensuring comfort and cleanliness. Our sanitary units are cleaned, inspected, and repaired before each portable toilet delivery in Ottawa. All our mobile toilets are available for both short-term and long-term rental.

Sanivac ensures professional service, prompt delivery, and regular maintenance with every rental of portable toilets and luxury toilet rentals in Ottawa.

To learn more about our porta potty rental services in Ottawa, click here!

Sanivac, the Septic Tank Cleaning Expert in Ottawa

Are you the owner of a residence equipped with a drain field also known as leach field septic tank in Ottawa? Or perhaps a property with a sealed septic tank or an Ecoflo, Bionest, or even a greywater tank system?

Sanivac provides the finest service for complete or selective septic tank pumping across Ottawa, and this, from Nepean through Kanata, Orléans, Stittsville, Riverside, Westboro, and the surrounding areas.

Why is Sanivac’s team the best expert to clean your septic tank in Ottawa?

  • Septic system pumping is carried out by qualified professionals using high-performance trucks, allowing for a rapid septic tank cleaning (about 30 minutes).
  • Sanivac is always available for emergency septic tank calls in Ottawa.
  • Our expertise, Sanivac has been cleaning septic tanks since 1961.

Sanivac complies with environmental standards related to septic tank pumping in Ottawa, as well as those throughout the entire Outaouais and Ottawa territory!

Sanivac offers online booking for septic tank cleaning in Ottawa.

To learn more about our septic tank pumping service in Ottawa, click here!

Septic tank pumping Ottawa


Septic tank pumping Ottawa

Sanivac, the Specialist in Grease Trap Cleaning Services across Ottawa

Sanivac offers grease trap clean up services for commercial kitchens and restaurant kitchens across Ottawa, and this, from Nepean through Kanata, Orléans, Stittsville, Riverside, Westboro, and the surrounding areas.

By choosing Sanivac, an expert in grease trap maintenance in Ottawa, you ensure the cleanliness and efficiency of your commercial kitchen, whether in a restaurant, factory, etc. We provide thorough cleaning of your grease trap in the greater Ottawa area. We completely empty the grease interceptor, scrape the walls, and perform flow tests before leaving to ensure meticulous grease trap clean out.

When you have your grease trap emptied in Ottawa with our automated routine, you maintain the proper functioning of your grease interceptor and gain peace of mind about the reliability of your commercial kitchen plumbing.

To learn more about our grease trap cleaning service in Ottawa, click here!

Sanivac: Your Partner in Hydro Excavation Services in Ottawa

Trust Sanivac for your hydro excavation works on construction sites across Ottawa, and this, from Nepean through Kanata, Orléans, Stittsville, Riverside, Westboro, and the surrounding areas.

We have the largest fleet of hydrovac trucks to offer you the best capacity and power available in Ottawa hydro excavating. Hydro excavation is a non-destructive water excavation technique. This gentle method is the ideal and safe choice for quick access to underground piping and urban infrastructure in Ottawa.

What are the benefits of choosing Sanivac for your hydro excavation projects in Ottawa? Our custom-built hydro vac trucks are equipped with pumping power up to 6400 CFM. Our Sanivac teams, each consisting of two qualified and experienced CCQ workers, are ready to work on your construction sites across Ottawa. Sanivac provides a water excavation service that adheres to the strictest standards for construction sites and pipelines in Ottawa.

To learn more about our hydro excavation service in Ottawa, click here!


Sewers cleaning

Sanivac, Your Solution for Sewer Cleaning and Manhole Maintenance in Ottawa

We provide sewer maintenance services, including sewer cleaning, pipe unclogging, camera inspections, and smoke testing across Ottawa, and this, from Nepean through Kanata, Orléans, Stittsville, Riverside, Westboro, and the surrounding areas.

We have the solution for your preventive maintenance and sewer problems in the greater Ottawa area. Whether it’s unclogging pipes, sewer flushing, or sewer pumping in Ottawa, Sanivac is the specialist for all your urban infrastructure needs.

Sanivac offers a 24/7 sewer maintenance service for any emergency sewer blockage or emergency unclogging in Ottawa. Whether for residential or municipal projects, our team of experts can meet all your sewer cleaning needs in the greater Ottawa area.

To learn more about our sewer cleaning service in Ottawa, click here!


service d'égoutier -sanivac

Sewer maintenance

We offer sewer service, sewer maintenance, drain and pipeline unclogging, camera inspection, snaking, and smoke tests in the Ottawa area.

gestion et transport agroalimentaire - sanivac


We offer management and transport services for liquid and solid food waste in Ottawa. A comprehensive service tailored to the needs of the food-processing industries.

Location de réservoirs - sanivac

Frac tank

We offer tank rental service in Ottawa. We have various mobile and large volume watertight formats for the management of liquid, sludge, and pumped water.

service de déglaçage - sanivac


We offer steam thawing and de-icing service in Ottawa. Thawing of pipes, surface de-icing, hot water de-icing, and dry steam de-icing.

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