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Reminder every 2 years

Disposal of sludge in
a site approved by the
Ministry of the Environment

Strict environmental policy

Professional service
including visual inspection
and report

Detailed report with
our recommendations
during each visit

24/7 emergency
service offered to
our customers


You must empty your septic tank at least every 2 years, it is not a luxury, but a provincial law. This law on the evacuation and treatment of wastewater from isolated residences Q-2, r.22, requires you to empty your septic tank every two years. You thereby avoid breakage and the risk of overflow.

Here are some tips for properly maintaining your septic tank: keep the amount of grease and cooking oil discharged into your sinks to a minimum, avoid spilling chemicals, which destroy bacterial flora, and do not throw away condom, pads, tampon, Q-tip, wet wipes or or any other han toilet paper. Do not hesitate to contact our experts if you have any questions!

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