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We have the equipment adapted to the harshness of the Quebec winter


Our specialized fleet and our ultra-efficient icebreaking allow construction sites to continue their operations despite the ice or the snow. With our custom made de-icing trucks and our heated garages, our trucks are always ready to hit the road. We offer the most efficient de-icing on the market since our trucks can heat up to 2,000,000 BTUs, supply up to three hoses simultaneously and up to 300 feet per hose, which allows us great speed of execution without loss of time. De-icing trucks have a maximum capacity of 1000 gallons of water with the possibility of filling from a fire hydrant or a tank truck (available as an option). At all times, our trucks are operated by two qualified and experienced CCQ workers to guarantee you quality service.Depending on the height of the installations, the deposit to be thawed or de-iced, our experts will suggest the most effective method according to your needs.

Dry steam de-icing

We offer the dry steam deicing service, this type of deicing generates less water and offers better performance when we have a large amount of ice to remove. Our steam machines generate up to 2,000,000 BTUs and we can use up to 3 de-icing lance installations simultaneously which allows de-icing a large area at high speed. Our steam de-icing trucks have 1000 gallons of water capacity available for de-icing.

Hot water de-icing

We offer a hot water de-icing service when there is a large amount of snow to be de-iced. We opt for de-icing with a hydro-excavation unit since it allows us to de-ice with hot water at high pressure and simultaneously pump the water generated by the melting of snow and ice. Our hydrovac trucks have hot water burners that generate up to 700,000 BTUs. Our trucks have 1500 gallons of water available for de-icing and they have a 2000-gallon tank to collect the water that is pumped for de-icing.

De-icing of surfaces

We offer de-icing services for surfaces, reinforcement, formwork and concrete slabs on construction sites. De-icing surfaces allows you to prepare the surface before pouring concrete despite winter temperatures and avoid slowing down your operations. This makes it possible to reach the required temperature standards for both the reinforcement and the ground before pouring the concrete. When there is a large accumulation of snow, our team starts removing the snow using a gas-powered blower, which removes a large part of the accumulation and speeds up the de-icing process. Depending on the type of accumulation and its density, our experts will advise you on the best de-icing technique according to your needs, either hot water or dry steam de-icing.

Thawing of pipes

We offer hot water thawing services for various pipes, such as house service water inlets, aqueduct pipe thawing, septic tank pipe thawing, electrical pipe thawing, thawing of sanitary and storm sewer lines. We use a 1⁄4 inch hose, which allows us to thaw directly inside the water inlet pipe. The thawing service for pipes of all kinds is carried out by our custom made thawing units.


We are committed to providing you with the best service thanks to our qualified CCQ workers, the cleanliness of our trucks and the performance of our equipment, which guarantees professional service during your icebreaking. Trust Sanivac, an experienced team and custom-built trucks to offer the best performance on the market.
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