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Hydro-Excavation - Sanivac
Hydro and pneumatic excavation


Hydro excavation is an excavation technique that uses pressurized water combined with a vacuum system. The soil is liquefied with great precision and then sucked into the truck’s tank.

Pneumatic excavation

Pneumatic excavation is an excavation technique that uses pressurized air combined with a vacuum system. The soil is broken down with great precision, then safely sucked into the truck’s tank.

Experts in hydro excavation

We have the right solution for your situation

24/7 Emergency service for all of our customers

Wide selection of custom made trucks (Capacity up to 6400 gallons)

Qualified and experienced CCQ maneuvers

Pumping capacity of up to 6400 gallons/minute

Compliant with the strictest standards.

The largest fleet of hydrovacs in Quebec

Always available for you
Our hydrovac fleet meet the highest performance standards and are maintained regularly by our mechanics. Each truck is custom designed and built by our in-house team. You can be assured of getting:

When doing business with us, we promise to always have the truck you need exactly when you need it.

Hydro-Excavation - Sanivac

Need aN

Unsure of the required pumping capacity

An experienced team

Even in the most difficult situations

An accessible team and exceptional service! That’s what sets us apart in the field of hydro excavation. We have the state-of-the-art equipment and qualified manpower, in the required quantity, to meet all your needs.  Our teams are always formed with a minimum of 2 CCQ maneuvers: 1 operator and 1 assistant operator. This makes us the most qualified choice on the market!

Hydro-Excavation - Sanivac

Transfer center

Sanivac has its own sludge transfer center. Unable to dispose of the sludge collected on your site? Sanivac will dispose of it for you. We are equipped with a transfer center that complies with the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change directly at Sanivac. This allows us to be much more efficient in addition to reducing transportation time.

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