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Maintenance service

for portable toilets and restroom trailers

Benefit from a customized service

Qualified maintenance workers

When choosing Sanivac to provide the maintenance of your portable toilets and restroom trailers, you are selecting an exceptional and swift customer service. Our team is very qualified thanks to our in-house training not to mention the quality, performance and cleanliness of our equipment. In addition, all our trucks are designed with a large pumping capacity to optimize and maximize our services. We also offer flexibility in the frequency of maintenance that best suits your needs.

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Our maintenance services

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Concierge Service

Depending on the frequency established at the time of rental, our team will visit your location for the maintenance of your portable toilets and restroom trailers, which includes complete washing inside and out, restocking toilet paper and brown paper, filling soap, etc.

Pumping out tanks

A truck specifically designed to facilitate access to your sanitary blocks will empty the tanks at the scheduled frequency. Our trucks have an impressive load capacity to complete the job promptly and the disposal of the wastewater will be carried out in a MELCC approved facility.

Water supply

Our new and well-kept trucks are on the road 24 hours a day to supply fresh water to all those sanitary blocks that cannot be connected to running water. For complete peace of mind, Sanivac is your number one resource, no matter how much water you need.

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