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Pumping And Cleaning - Sanivac

Pumping and cleaning

The following services we perform:

The pumping experts​

Whatever your situation, we have the solution!

Choose sanivac for your pumping needs. Our fleet of state-of-the-art trucks is always well maintained and equipped to handle all types of work. Our trucks are custom designed to meet all pumping situations, both in terms of capacity and site accessibility. Everything is maximized and optimized to ensure that the pumping of your waste is done quickly and cleanly, whether it is a settling tank, a grain silo, a sand separator, contaminated materials, etc.

Over 100 specialized, custom-built trucks (capacity up to 8500 gallons)

Skilled and experienced workforce

Pumping capacity of up to 6400cfm

Compliant with the strictest standards.

Pumping And Cleaning - Sanivac

Transfer center

Sanivac has its own sludge transfer center. Unable to dispose of the sludge collected on your site? Sanivac will dispose of it for you. We are equipped with a transfer center that complies with the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change directly at Sanivac. This allows us to be much more efficient in addition to reducing transportation time.

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