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Ecosan Toilet

The Ecosan chemical toilet is the only chemical toilet that complies with the Safety Code for construction sites with 25 or more employees, both in summer and winter. It is the cost-effective solution to the use of the sanitary block.

No need to provide a water supply, the toilet is delivered and installed 100% autonomous.

With Sanivac, you are assured of impeccable service at all levels and peace of mind because your toilets are compliant, new and well maintained. We have the largest inventory of Ecosan toilets in Canada.

Sanivac has created the Ecosan toilet from extensive research and development testing in a refrigerated trailer at temperatures down to -20o and we can assure you that the model meets the requirements of the regulations during winter.

  • In winter: must be connected and powered 24 hours a day
  • Flushing toilet with a valve concealing the bottom of the tank
  • Urinal
  • Sink with heated water
  • Insulation and heating in winter
  • Natural and electrical lighting
  • Garbage can
  • Electricity installed by certified electricians
  • GFI electrical outlets
  • Thermal insulation under the floor made of soy and recycled plastic
  • Toilet paper, hand paper and soap dispenser
  • Shelf and coat hook
  • Choice of color: blue or grey
  • Insulation and heating in winter
  • The customer must provide: 2 extension wires of 14 gauge minimum, 50 feet maximum and connect them on 2 circuits ''breaker'' 15 Amp. One circuit is for the heater, the other for the sink heating element and the light.
  • Lock and padlock
  • Lifting hook for crane handling
Exterior height231 cm/91 in
Exterior width119 cm/47 in
Exterior length122 cm/48 in
Holding tank227 L/50 gal
Sink capacity76 L/17 gal
Weight193 kg/426 lbs
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